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Refractives Vol.02 - 6K Glass Assets with Transparency

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Introducing stunning and versatile digital assets designed to elevate your visual designs to new heights. With these assets, you can impress your clients and save valuable time in the process.

This pack includes:

  • 20 Unique Shapes allow for maximum of flexibilty
  • 2K Assets will let you create beautiful close ups
  • Transparent PNG's that work on every Background color

Create custom visuals effortlessly and dive into the world of 3D with ease. These assets are specifically crafted to help visual designers like you achieve remarkable results quickly.

Experience the power of 6K resolution and transparent backgrounds. With this level of detail and flexibility, you can seamlessly integrate these assets into any design, regardless of the background color.

The design itself is an abstract sculpture that embodies the essence of tech, creativity, transparency, and future software. Its intricate play of light refractions adds an extra layer of style and sophistication. It strikes the perfect balance between complexity and elegance, making it a perfect fit for various applications.

Ideal for website designs and brand development, these assets perfectly complement future tech companies and startups. Infuse your projects with a touch of visionary aesthetics that captivate audiences and reflect the spirit of innovation.

Created by Tobias Peil, a renowned artist featured in numerous publications for his exceptional glass sculptures, these assets embody his mastery and expertise. Unlock a custom look for your brand and benefit from Tobias' unparalleled creative vision.

For those seeking even more personalization, custom assets are available.

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Get Access to a collection of high-resolution Assets that will help you create impressive designs, quickly and effortlessly.

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Refractives Vol.02 - 6K Glass Assets with Transparency

0 ratings
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